Chronic Sinus Pain Solution in New Orleans

With constant weather changes causing sinus flare-ups - always at the worst moment,

You’re probably looking for a sinus pain and pressure solution that helps for more than 24 hours-  no more “What’s new on the ‘medication and home remedy’ front.”

At ENT& Allergy of New Orleans, we see your frustrations, and we understand them - constantly searching for something that will give you relief.

The heat and humidity of south Louisiana make living with sinus pain difficult…

Finding relief that last is no longer lightyears away

We may just have what you need to feel better…

Balloon Sinuplasty: The sinus treatment that’s helped millions

Balloon Sinuplasty is a lasting sinus pain treatment that’s performed in the comfort of our office.

Likely candidates typically suffer from:

If you’re suffering from any type of sinus pain that never seems to go away for long, Ent & Allergy of New Orleans is here to help.

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Is Balloon Sinuplasty safe?

Balloon Sinuplasty has helped millions of people all over the world get the sinus relief they deserve. Over 90% of patients are still breathing easy 2+ years after their procedures.

The procedure

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is minimally invasive and performed in our office. Most patients are in and out within an hour or so.

The recovery

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, there is no cutting or removal of bones during Balloon Sinuplasty. This results in quicker recovery times, allowing people to get back to normal activities in a day or two.

Choose relief with ENT & Allergy of New Orleans

Are you tired of suffering with sinus pain without a lasting solution? At ENT & Allergy of New Orleans, we work closely with every patient to make sure their treatment plan meets their overall health goals and needs.

Get Your Lasting Sinus Pain Relief Here
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